Celebrate #AAJAfamily for AAPI Heritage Month

From the conventions to local chapter events and JCamp, here are a few of my favorite AAJA moments with my families – Paul Cheung

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, AAJA is launching a membership campaign and celebrate our heritage: our families.

We often say AAJA is a family. We support each other personally and professionally, see each other during our “reunion” during the convention, and even sing karaoke together. Then, there’s your personal family — spouses, kids, partners, significant others. Chances are, they’ve heard you talk about AAJA. They probably attended a chapter event with you, or maybe even went to convention. This year, we want to welcome your personal family to the AAJA family.

Here are the details:

  1. Renew your 2015 AAJA membership and/or donate any amount to AAJA’s Power of One: aaja.org/donate-today/ We also encourage your spouses, significant others, or partners to become members and donate.
  2. Using the hashtag #AAJAfamily, post photos of you and your personal family or of you and your AAJA friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to tag each other and @ mention your chapter or friends, to broaden the reach on social media.
  3. If you donated or renewed your membership, make sure to give a shoutout in your tweet or post. Sample tweets:
    • My mom & I giving thumbs up – we’re #AAJAfamily too. Just renewed my AAJA membership! <add picture> aaja.org/donate-today/ 
    • Donated to Power of One today to celebrate #AAJAfamily for AAPI Heritage Month. Join/renew today! aaja.org/donate-today/
    • Love this #AAJAfamily pic from @AAJADC Trivia Bowl. <add picture> Join/renew today! aaja.org/join-aaja/
  4. RT, share, favorite and re-gram! #AAJAfamily in twitter, #AAJAfamily in Facebook and #AAJAfamily in Instagram


And thanks to myintent.org‘s support via my #AAJAfamily Angie Lau, we are delighted to give a myintent bracelet for 50 members who post an #AAJAfamily photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We will hold a random drawing at the end of the month.

At the end of May, we’ll curate some of your photos and feature them on aaja.org. We will also show off some #AAJAfamily photos during the convention in San Francisco. If you haven’t registered, make sure to do so today!

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