AAJA Election Code of Conduct and Campaign Limit

AAJA Election Code of Conduct and Campaign Spending Limit

Incoming national officers are expected to follow the AAJA Code of Conduct that applies to the rest of the national governing board.
Candidates and their supporters should also adhere to these standards during
their campaigns, such as showing “respect and courtesy toward one another” and
recognizing “the distinction of speaking personally” and “speaking for the collective body or AAJA as a whole.”
In accordance with these guidelines, they should also conduct themselves “in a
manner reflecting fair play, ethics and straightforward communication.”
(Adopted by the AAJA Governing Board, 2005)

Candidates may not spend more than $1,000 on their campaigns. Neither AAJA
national nor local funds may be used to support, endorse or promote a candidate for national office. Candidates should file detailed financial statements with the elections committee no later than the starting date of the national convention or as soon as possible thereafter. Candidates do not need to spend any money on the campaign (AAJA Bylaws, Art. IV, Sec. 3).