#AAJA15 Social Media Recommendations


Attending the 25th Annual AAJA Convention in San Francisco, Aug. 12 to 15? Follow AAJA’s official Twitter handle @aaja and official convention hashtag #AAJA15 for the most current news and updates about AAJA and its 2015 National Convention. #AAJA15 can be used across all social networks:

While at convention, we also encourage you to follow and engage with the convention panelists on Twitter. A list of the panelists’ Twitter handles will be posted on AAJA.org soon.

Twitter Tips:

  • If you have a public Twitter account, be mindful of what you Tweet. Your Tweets will be visible to anyone who wishes to read them, regardless of whether or not they have a Twitter account.
  • If your Twitter profile is private, only those who follow you can see your Tweets. If you mention or reply to a Twitter user who doesn’t follow you, they will not see your Tweet. Similarly, any hashtags that you use in your Tweets won’t show up in a public search.
  • Keep Tweets as short as possible to make it easy for followers to engage with you. The ideal Tweet is less than 100 characters.
  • Avoid overusing hashtags. Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags in a single Tweet to avoid seeming “spammy” and obnoxious. Hashtags should be used to add value, not to seek Retweets or gain followers.
  • When mentioning @aaja or another person at the beginning of a Tweet, type a period before @ to ensure that your Tweet is visible to all followers. By omitting the period, your Tweet won’t be visible to everyone.


  • Correct: .@aaja National Convention kicks off today! Can’t wait to see old friends & make new ones. #AAJA15
  • Incorrect: .@aaja National Convention kicks off today! Can’t wait to see old friends & make new ones. #AAJA #Convention #SF #2015 #Friends