AAJA’s Standout Leaders

2011 awardees: Member of the Year Frank Witsil, left, Chapter President of the Year Sanjay Bhatt (Seattle) and Chapter of the Year AAJA-Minnesota

Every year, the AAJA executive officers recognize (1) a member who has gone above and beyond, locally or on the national level, (2) a chapter president who has done the most outstanding work and (3) a chapter that sets the standard for excellence.

The Member of the Year, President of the Year and Chapter of the Year are awarded at the national convention.

Member of the Year

2011 Frank Witsil
2010 Lisa Chung and Craig Gima
2009 Cynthia Wang
2008 Paul Cheung and Ivette Yee
2007 George Kiriyama
2006 Neal Justin
2005 Randall Yip
2004 Keith Kamisugi
2003 Pradnya Joshi
2002 Sandy Louey
2001 Amy Wang
2000 Anthony Ramirez
1999 Aki Soga
1998 Michael and Alix Quan
1997 Dalton Tanonaka
1996 Kimberly Moy

President of the Year

2011 Sanjay Bhatt (Seattle)
2010 Ryan O. Kim (San Francisco/Bay Area)
2009 Vino Wong (Atlanta)
2008 Victoria Lim (Florida)
2007 Lorene Yue (Chicago)
2006 Henry Fuhrmann and Rachanee Srisavasdi (Los Angeles)
2005 Murali Balaji (Philadelphia)
2004 Ted Shen, posthumously (Chicago)
2003 Anh Do (Los Angeles)
2002 Cheryl Tan (Washington, D.C.)
2001 Denise L. Poon (Los Angeles)
2000 Lee Ann Kim (San Diego)
1999 Mi Young Hwang (Chicago)
1998 Bonnie Lee (San Francisco/Bay Area)
1997 Nancy Yoshihara (Los Angeles)
1996 Esther Wu (Texas)

Chapter of the Year

2011 Minnesota
2010 Sacramento
2009 New England
2008 Seattle
2007 Los Angeles
2006 Sacramento
2005 Seattle
2004 San Diego and Washington, D.C.
2003 Texas
2002 San Francisco/Bay Area
2001 New York
2000 Atlanta
1999 New England
1998 Florida
1997 Minnesota
1996 Hawai’i