Arizona Chapter Member: Abe Kwok

Abe got into journalism on a lark — a guidance counselor in junior high recommended it to improve his English, after his family moved from Hong Kong several years earlier — and he’s been addicted since. All of his professional experience has been with the Arizona Republic/ He was a reporter, assistant bureau chief and assistant city editor for 12 years before being tapped as an editor for online.


How have you been involved in AAJA? What are your greatest contributions?
Since college, when I was fortunate enough to land an AAJA scholarship that gave me a good dose of confidence, financial backin. I’m not so sure about what I contributed as I’m about what I gained. Many of my favorite moments and rewarding experiences involve AAJA. And some of my closest friends/confidants are people I’ve met through AAJA.

What inspired you to become a journalist?
It was a lark. A guidance counselor encouraged me to take journalism in high school to improve my English — I ended up working on the school paper all four years and when I tried in college to pursue another field, came to realize journalism was very much in my blood.

Why is media diversity important to you?
Because we all have our own beliefs, biases and opinions. At its very best, diversity in coverage helps change our minds, reshape our understanding, appreciate other perspectives. At the very least, diversity in coverage makes us more informed — and that is never a bad thing.

What’s your life motto?

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