New York Chapter Member: Brooke Camp

Brooke Camp is the Senior Editorial Recruiter for CNN at TBS Inc. Since joining the company in 2006, Brooke has helped over 500 talented journalists find homes within the CNN networks. She currently serves as the Chair for Turner Asia NY, Turner’s Asian American Business Resource Group, and as VP of Broadcast for AAJA NY. Brooke is a graduate of AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program, Class of 2010.


What is your motto? What advice would you give for up-and-coming journalists?
I have three words I live by: Passion, curiosity and empowerment. I believe if you have passion for what you do, regardless of the job or industry, you’ll be successful because you’ll find a way to be the best you can be. Having a natural curiosity will empower you to continue learning; it’s a natural motivator that you can’t teach someone. My advice would be to follow your passion. I’m not a journalist, however I studied journalism and communications while in college. I always had a passion for working in media. I found my way in leveraging my experience in staffing and management and married it with my passion for media.

Describe how you have been involved in AAJA over the years.
I have been an active member of AAJA since ’07. I was based in Atlanta back then and worked closely with the chapter leaders there to roll out annual key marquee events which included the annual student scholarship banquet, digital media workshop and Trivia Bowl fundraiser. I’ve been an active member of the NY chapter since I relocated in 2010 and currently serve as the VP for Broadcast. I am looking forward to serving AAJA National as the Convention Co-Chair as we bring the 2013 National Convention to NYC.

What do you love most about being Asian American?
I am second-generation Filipina and I was born on the island of Guam. Growing up in a multicultural household (my dad is Caucasian) gave me the opportunity to learn and see the world through two different lenses. For this reason, I understand how important diversity is and what it means to leverage the talents of people who come from all walks of life.

Tell us something we may not know about you.
I have an identical twin sister who also works for CNN in Atlanta and is a member of AAJA. Our colleagues confuse the two of us all the time!

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