Try America’s Best Burrito at #AAJA15

By AAJA-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President Donna Tam

When FiveThirtyEight set out to find America’s No.1 burrito via a March Madness bracket-style competition, a San Francisco restaurant was instantly favored thanks to the site’s data-mining of Yelp reviews.

El Farolito, a mini-chain of Mexican restaurants located inside the city’s Mission District, took the No. 1 seed spot with the highest Value Over Replacement Burrito, or VORB, score. In the end El Farolito did not make it to the top bracket, but another San Francisco Mission District restaurant did: La Taqueria.


Image from FiveThirtyEight

The shop’s Carnitas burrito won the judges over in its first round, “with an abundance of flavor and near technical perfection in execution.” And, if don’t like what you see on the menu, just do what the locals do — go for the secret menu.

While El Farolito didn’t make it to the top, its burritos shouldn’t be dismissed. It won Esquire’s 2013 poll for “the most life-changing burrito in America.”

Register for convention and you can decide for yourself which is the better burrito! Try both Mexican phenoms, located in the Mission District, about a 10 minute BART ride away from the convention hotel.