AAJA Convention Guide: Hannah Bae, Seoul VP for AAJA-Asia

Not sure how to start planning for this year’s AAJA Convention? Get some advice from AAJA-ers in the know:
Hannah Bae, her first AAJA convention

Hannah_BaeThis will be my first AAJA convention, and I’ve been scouring the schedule for months to pick the panels I’d like to attend.

Coding Workshop: Beginning HTML & CSS for Journalists
When was the last time you attended a conference that devoted a full day to actual skills-based training? For me, never. I think the full-day workshops like this coding class are what put AAJA NYC 2013 a cut above most journalism conferences. It’s been a while since I coded, so I’m eager to get this crash course from some of the industry’s leading professionals. Now more than ever, coding is a powerful tool for a journalist. You can see this in the great work of folks like Lisa Williams, who runs Life and Code, a “learn-to-program blog written with journalists in mind.” Hopefully, this workshop will give my skills arsenal a solid boost.

So You Made It Through the First Year, Now What? The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide
I’m not an entrepreneur… yet. But for me, this panel as a must, and it’s already set on my iPhone calendar. As someone who fell in love with new media enterprises as an intern at Knight Foundation, I’m excited by the innovative business ideas that are reshaping our industry. I’m no longer working in a newsroom, and I’m increasingly drawn toward the intersection of journalism and technology. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know anything yet about running a business or launching a startup. I know that surviving as an entrepreneur is a challenge, so I can’t wait to hear some practical advice from the speakers. As an added bonus, this panel takes place on my birthday!

Live from North Korea with AP Photojournalist David Guttenfelder
Ever since AP launched its Pyongyang bureau, I’ve been fascinated by the stories and images coming out. I’m a big fan of David Guttenfelder’s work, particularly when he gets out of the North Korean capital. As a team, David and the AP’s Koreas bureau chief Jean Lee (the woman responsible for me joining AAJA!) often show corners of North Korea that are largely absent from news coverage. Even more fascinating are the candid snapshots they post on their respective Instagram feeds. Despite following David’s work in North Korea with great interest, I’ve never met him, nor have I heard him speak, so I am really looking forward to this presentation.

Bio: Hannah Bae is the public affairs assistant in the press office for U.S. Embassy Seoul and the Seoul vice president for AAJA-Asia. A native of Washington, D.C., she arrived in Korea in 2007 as a Princeton-in-Asia journalism fellow. During her time in Asia, she’s contributed to media organizations ranging from the AP, Yonhap News and CNN Travel. Follow her on Twitter @hanbae