Findings From State Integrity Project

The following information is posted as a courtesy to AAJA’s partners in journalism:

Tell the story of your state’s level of integrity — or corruption.

“Early last month, lawmakers in Iowa completed work on a new open records statute. … For good government advocates in the Hawkeye State, the new legislation was cause for celebration — sort of.” That’s what State Integrity Investigation reporter Caitlin Ginley wrote for

Colorado Public Radio found out that its state ethics commission pursues few investigations. And a Wisconsin State Journal editorial wrote “legal fees prove a need for redistricting reform in Wisconsin.

How accountable is your state government? How open is it? How honest? Do your state’s laws and regulations decrease—or increase—its risk for corruption?

Journalists eager for answers to such questions, and interested in how to turn them into stories, can go to the State Integrity Investigation website,

The State Integrity project wants to share with you what its reporters found about each state’s commitment to government integrity. The findings reveal where your state stands on 330 integrity measures.

The integrity data measure whether states have appropriate laws and practices in place to outlaw corrupt practices, identify people who commit them, and punish those people. The project focuses on 14 categories, including such areas as public access to information, executive accountability and redistricting.

A complete report card for the 50 states that includes the corruption risk rankings exist on right now.

Talk with the State Integrity Investigation researchers about story ideas built on the data. For example, what challenges exist in obtaining access to public records—even when a law exists to make them available. Or, how effective are your state’s ethics regulations? And how open is the process is for redistricting, which affects who will represent the interest of minority voters.

In addition, connect with PRI’s editorial team for help in framing local follow-up stories. Discuss story angles and get contacts for local sources.

The State Integrity Investigation represents a collaborative effort between PRI (Public Radio International), The Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity.

For more information, please contact Aly Colón, Minority Outreach Consultant for PRI, at

The information above is posted as a courtesy to AAJA’s partners in journalism.