Go for Gold!

Fellow AAJA members:

On behalf of the AAJA membership committee, I want to ask you to consider upgrading your membership to Gold or Platinum when you renew for 2014. Here’s why:

  • You are supporting the important work that AAJA does. I upgraded to Platinum¬†because AAJA is an organization that I truly believe in. It has been a worthwhile investment. AAJA has given to me in so many ways – both professional and personal – over the course of my career and continues to do so. Gold membership is a small way for me to give back.
  • Gold and Platinum members received gifts and a special registration line at the 2014¬†convention in Washington, D.C.
  • Platinum membership includes your registration fee for the annual convention, VIP seating at the gala banquet and perks on site at the convention, including an invitation to the President’s reception, which is an opportunity to meet top media leaders and convention sponsors.
  • Your membership dues are tax-deductible, net of any benefits you receive. The more you give, the more you can deduct.
  • It’s only a $35 step-up from regular membership to Gold. I know it’s a bigger step to Platinum membership, but Platinum is available on an installment basis.

Platinum and gold members collectively contributed more than $13,000 in additional funds this year in what continues to be a tough fundraising environment. If you are one of them, a big thanks for what I hope will be your continued support. If you’re not, please consider upgrading for 2014. And if you’re Gold, are you able to move up to Platinum? Think about it. I am.

Ken Moritsugu
Former National Vice President for Print
and co-chair of the AAJA Membership Committee


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