Ken Moritsugu is AAJA’s New Vice President for Print

Ken Moritsugu, the Bangkok-based Asia Enterprise Editor for Associated Press, has won the Special Election to be AAJA’s Vice President for Print, announced Theodore Kim, AAJA’s National Secretary and Elections Officer.

“The ever-changing media landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for AAJA as we pursue the goals of newsroom diversity and fair and accurate coverage of our country’s diverse communities, “ Moritsugu said. “AAJA means a lot to me, both as an organization and a family. I look forward to joining the leadership and working to help members navigate our evolving media world. As a longtime member who has led chapters in both the U.S. and Asia, I also hope to build bridges between our membership at home and overseas.”

(See the press release – PR.AAJA New VP for Print– AAJA issued to announce the results of the Special Election.)

Moritsugu has served on the boards of three AAJA chapters and is a former president of AAJA-New York. He is currently president of AAJA’s Asia Chapter, and during his tenure the chapter has grown from 30 to 130 members and launched an annual conference with the University of Hong Kong.

AAJA held a special election to fill the post of Vice President for Print after Tom Lee resigned from the position for personal reasons in January. Moritsugu will serve out the remainder of the term until Dec. 31, 2013.

Moritsugu, a member of AAJA’s Asia Chapter, received 133 votes, with about 1,000 AAJA members eligible to cast a ballot in the election held electronically Feb. 11 to 18. Neal Justin, a member of AAJA’s Minnesota Chapter and the other candidate for the position, received 114 votes. As AAJA’s National Secretary and Elections Officer, Kim thanked both candidates for their participation, integrity and ongoing service to AAJA.

AAJA held the special election to seat a Vice President for Print in time for AAJA’s spring board meetings.

“I’m excited to work with Ken Moritsugu as AAJA’s new Vice President for Print,” said AAJA President Paul Cheung. “Ken has lead the Asia Chapter’s successful growth in the past couple of years, now we can work together to help grow AAJA organization-wide.”

AAJA will hold its regular election in August 2013, with eligible members voting to fill the positions of Vice President for Print and National Secretary for two-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2014.