Rising Above the Noise With ELP

By Leezel Tanglao, 2013 ELP graduate


Ever since I stumbled upon AAJA one ordinary weekend between the summer of my freshman and sophomore year of college in 2002, there were three letters that have always been spoken with pride and intrigue by AAJA members: ELP. And in each year that followed, it became clear – ELP, the Executive Leadership Program, was something I must do if I was still in the business and still involved in AAJA.

After nine years working in the media industry, 2013 was the year I finally decided to take the leap and find out about what this ELP secret club was all about.

While there are some aspects I can’t talk about – one must personally experience them – all in all it’s no secret that the graduates of ELP have said the experience has been life changing.

In the high-pressure industry on which I base my livelihood and career, it was comforting to see that there truly was a network and camaraderie among fellow colleagues across platforms and networks.

It showed me that we are not alone. And sometimes, we just need to be reminded of that.

ELP helped me to cut through the clutter and rise above the noise to focus on what I really wanted and how to get there. It gave me the final push I needed to go for what I wanted and what I needed to grow in my career and life.

This week, I start my new job as a multiplatform editor at NowThisNews. This next step in my career would not have been possible without what I learned and experienced during those two and a half days in August, 2013.

Thank you ELP for literally changing my life.


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