Media Watchers Latest Round Up: Bloomberg Businessweek’s Cover, CBS’ primetime “Mike & Molly” on Feb. 25


Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover, The Great American Housing Rebound, drew sharp criticism from organizations such as the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists, to journals such as the Columbia Journalism Review.

“Faces of color are cast as caricatures and the greedy benefactors of the housing crisis — when the truth is that Latinos were disproportionately the victims,” said NAHJ president Hugo Balta.

See the full NAHJ response. See what NABJ had to say and CJR’s report.


In the episode of  CBS’  “Mike & Molly,” Mike’s mother Peggy asked: “You ever been to Arizona? It’s just a furnace full of drunk Indians.”

In response, the Native American Journalists Association noted the line gives rise to a question as well, but with no logical answer: “Why a highly entertaining show like “Mike & Molly” would need to resort to humor at the expense of the first peoples of Arizona, is inexplicable.”

See the full NAJA response.