“Being an AAJA member is all about paying it forward. I feel such a kinship with the organization; I’ve got to do whatever it takes to help other Asian American journalists who are coming up, who need guidance. Here’s the truth: AAJA has had a profound impact on my life and career. In my younger years, AAJA helped me network and meet truly kind, talented people — and realize that there are people who look like me, who are experiencing some of the same things I’m experiencing in the news business. Now, 25 years after joining AAJA, I’m paying it forward. I’ve been mentoring younger journalists and helping them find their voice. And now I see many of them beginning to pay it forward, too. That’s the way it should work.”

— Tom Huang, Sunday & Enterprise Editor, The Dallas Morning News; Editing Fellow, The Poynter Institute; AAJA Governing Board member and Platinum Member

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