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As we welcome in the new year, we want to send a special ‘thank you’ to all those who supported AAJA through Power of One donations in 2013. Your tax-deductible donation went far in helping to inspire young people to fulfill their dreams of becoming journalists through our student and professional development programs: JCamp, VOICES and ELP. It also supported our MediaWatch program, which ensures fair and accurate news coverage of minorities in America.

Among many other MediaWatch projects, Power of One supported our work in calling out KTVU’s egregious gaff when it reported fake, offensive names of Asiana pilots involved in a San Francisco plane crash. Your donation funds projects like this that hold news organizations accountable when they fail to accurately represent Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

“Ensuring fair and accurate coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders involves a lot of hard work and commitment,” remarked Bobby Calvan, MediaWatch Chair. “I know a lot of people share in my passion for the work we do at MediaWatch. I hope our members will support our work by giving generously to AAJA so we can continue being aggressive watchdogs for our communities.”

The student and professional development programs that are funded through Power of One have proven instrumental in inspiring and guiding the careers of aspiring journalists and industry leaders. High school senior Maya Shelton-Davies was profoundly transformed by her experience at JCamp, where learning from seasoned journalists and being challenged in peer discussions about important world issues proved to be a “truly life changing” experience for the Wisconsin native. And, it’s because of VOICES that program alumna Shako Liu was able to land her first job.

By donating to Power of One, you directly impact the lives of ambitious future journalists and young professionals like Maya and Shako. Learn more about how JCampVOICES and ELP have impacted the lives and careers of program participants.

In 2014, we hope that all AAJA members will consider a donation to Power of One so that we may continue our work to inspire a new generation of journalists and increase the number of Asian Americans in today’s newsrooms.

Please help AAJA continue to provide services and programs that benefit future members and current members like you.  Join our growing family of donors today.

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I want to personally thank everyone who has made a difference by donating to AAJA’s Power of One in 2014.

  • Abe Kwok
  • Aki Soga
  • Alanna Quillen
  • Ameet Sachdev
  • Amy Wang
  • Anh Do
  • Anna Matherne
  • Annie Shum
  • Bao Ong
  • Benet Wilson
  • Bjanca Prudhomme
  • Blair Barna
  • Bobby Calvan
  • Brooke Camp
  • Carol L. Lim
  • Caroline Li
  • Casarine Chong
  • Chris Cho
  • Charles Chiang
  • Clark Jen*
  • Cynthia Wang
  • Danny O’ Neil
  • David K. Li
  • Delane Cleveland
  • Denise Poon
  • Dennis Yu*
  • Donna Tam
  • Doris Troung
  • Edmond Blagdon*
  • Ellen Lee
  • Eric Shih
  • Erin Chan Ding
  • Eve Bower
  • Frank Vinluan
  • Gautham Nagesh
  • George Kiriyama
  • Gil Asakawa
  • Gilbert Asakawa
  • Hanah Fadrigalan
  • Henry Fuhrmann
  • Henry Moritsugu
  • Jackson Kwok*
  • Jan Yanehiro
  • Janning Chan*
  • Jason Ubay
  • Jeffrey Roh
  • Jennifer Samp
  • Jocelyn Wang
  • Juliana Reyes
  • Julie Shaw
  • Justin Wee*
  • K. Oanh Ha
  • Kathleen Carroll*
  • Kathleen Wilson
  • Kathrine Schmidt
  • Kathy Chow
  • Kevin Li
  • Lorene Yu
  • Lori Matsukawa
  • Ludovic Aldersley
  • Marcus Brauchli*
  • Mai Hoang
  • Mega Sugianto
  • Michael Quan
  • Michelle Ye Hee Lee
  • Nancy Yang
  • Naomi Hayase
  • Niala Boodhoo
  • Nicole Dungca
  • Nicole Gaddie
  • Norman Leung*
  • Oanh Ha
  • Pamela Wu
  • Paul Cheung
  • Peter Bhatia
  • Phillip Yam
  • Ramy Inocencio
  • Randall Yip
  • Richard Gaddie
  • Richard Lui
  • Robin Chan
  • Roger Ailes*
  • Sabrina Cheng*
  • Samantha Pak
  • Sandy Louey
  • Sanjay Bhatt
  • Sarah Wallace
  • Scott Wong
  • Seung Min Kim
  • Sharon Chan
  • Simon Ellis
  • Sue Lin Chong
  • Sunny Wu
  • Susan Choi
  • Susanna Song
  • Thanh Tan
  • Theodore Kim
  • Thomas Huang
  • Ti-Hua Chang
  • Valerie Boey
  • Vicky Janowski
  • Victoria Lim
  • Wesley Nakama
  • Yvonne Leow

Power of One donors as of Dec. 23, 2014                 *non-AAJA members

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