Be a Part of the Buzz at #AAJA14

asia-cellphone-peopleWant to keep up with news and happenings at the 24th Annual AAJA National Convention in Washington, D.C., Aug. 13-16? Follow AAJA’s official Twitter handle @aaja and official convention hashtag #AAJA14 for the most current news and updates about AAJA and its 2014 National Convention. #AAJA14 can be used across all social networks before and during convention: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine.

While at convention, we also encourage you to follow and engage with the convention panelists on Twitter. Twitter handles for each panelist can be found on the Official Convention Schedule (coming in 2014).

When posting about AAJA during convention, please use #AAJA14 and/or the hashtag assigned to the workshop that you’re attending. Unique hashtags have been created for each workshop and can also be found in the Official Convention Schedule.

The official convention hashtags for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine are as follows:

  • #AAJA14: Follow #AAJA14 to keep up with conversations about the convention. Have something you want to show or say? Participate in the conversation by tagging all convention-related posts with #AAJA14.
  • #AAJAeats: Attending convention from out of town or a die-hard foodie? Follow #AAJAeats for D.C. dining recommendations from fellow AAJA convention attendees, and recommend your favorite eateries by tagging your posts with #AAJAeats.
  • #AAJAdress: Heels or flats? Polo or button-down? Unsure of what to wear to convention? Follow #AAJAdress for style tips for men and women from some of AAJA’s most fashionable members and friends. If you’re a convention veteran who wants to share tips of your own, tag your posts with #AAJAdress.
  • #AAJAfun: Trying to decide which monuments and museums to visit or which U Street hotspot to hit up with your new convention friends? Follow #AAJAfun for recommendations of the best attractions and activities the District has to offer. Don’t forget to share your favorite D.C. spots by tagging your posts with #AAJAfun.

Twitter Tips:

  • If you have a public Twitter account, be mindful of what you Tweet. Your Tweets will be visible to anyone who wishes to read them, regardless of whether or not they have a Twitter account.
  • If your Twitter profile is private, only those who follow you can see your Tweets. If you mention or reply to a Twitter user who doesn’t follow you, they will not see your Tweet. Similarly, any hashtags that you use in your Tweets won’t show up in a public search.
  • Keep Tweets as short as possible to make it easy for followers to engage with you. The ideal Tweet is less than 100 characters.
  • #Avoid #overusing #hashtags. Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags in a single Tweet to avoid seeming “spammy” and obnoxious. Hashtags should be used to add value, not to seek Retweets or gain followers.
  • When mentioning @aaja or another person at the beginning of a Tweet, type a period before @ to ensure that your Tweet is visible to all followers, i.e. .@aaja. By omitting the period, your Tweet won’t be visible to everyone — it can only be seen by those who follow both you AND the person you mentioned.


Incorrect: @aaja National Convention kicks off today! Can’t wait to see old friends & make new ones. #AAJA #Convention #WashingtonDC #2014 #Friends
Correct: .@aaja National Convention kicks off today! Can’t wait to see old friends & make new ones. #AAJA14
Better Yet: The @aaja National Convention kicks off today! Can’t wait to see old friends & make new ones. #AAJA14