Two Candidates Vying for AAJA Vice President for Print

2013 VP for Print Candidates

Neal Justin of AAJA-Minnesota and Ken Moritsugu of AAJA-Asia have been nominated for the position of AAJA Vice President for Print.

AAJA is holding a special election to fill the remainder of the term for the position, held by Tom Lee until he resigned for personal reasons in mid-January. Nominations were due Jan. 28.

Special Election

AAJA is holding the special election to seat a new Vice President for Print in time for the AAJA Advisory and Governing Board meetings in spring. The person elected will serve out the remainder of the current term through Dec. 31, 2013.

The election will be held electronically Feb. 11 to 18. Read the AAJA Election Code of Conduct and Campaign Spending Limit.

AAJA will hold an election in August for full two-year terms, from 2014 to 2016, for AAJA Vice President for Print and AAJA Secretary.

Voter Eligibility

Full members in good standing – current in their dues for 2013 – will receive ballots at their preferred email address on file with AAJA.

Those who want to join or renew as full members, or change their preferred email address on file, must do so by noon PST, Thurs., Feb. 7, through AAJA’s online member account system.


The Vice President for Print represents the interests of members employed in the newspaper, magazine and general print journalism industry. If AAJA’s President is disabled or absent, and depending on rank, the Vice President for Print or for Broadcast fulfills the presidential duties.

Questions about the duties of Vice President for Print or the election process should be directed to Theodore Kim, AAJA’s National Secretary and Elections Officer, at

About the Candidates 

Justin, the National TV Critic for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, is a co-founder of JCamp, was co-chair of the 2005 AAJA Convention in Minneapolis  and was AAJA Member of the Year in 2006. He has served on the AAJA Governing Board, as president of AAJA’s Minnesota Chapter and on the Unity board.

Excerpts from Justin’s candidate statement:

“The chance to work with president Paul Cheung and a great, energetic board is just too tempting to pass up. Due to the circumstances, we need someone who can hit the ground running and I believe my experience will help me to do just that.”

“After a rocky four years, we are now in position to play offense instead of defense by strengthening our signature programs, adding new ones and providing more tools for success for our members.”

Moritsugu, the Bangkok, Thailand-based Asia Enterprise Editor for The Associated Press, has served on the boards of three AAJA chapters and is a former president of AAJA-New York. He is currently president of AAJA’s Asia Chapter, and during his tenure the chapter has grown from 30 to 130 members and launched an annual conference with the University of Hong Kong.

Excerpts from Moritsugu’s candidate statement:

“I would like to bring my wealth of experience to the national board. I am a realist. As a print journalist, I understand that times are challenging, for individuals, for media companies and for AAJA. I don’t have magic solutions. What we can do is figure out ways to be more focused and more creative, so we can get more out of the limited resources we have, while also exploring new avenues for funding.”

AAJA appreciates Lee’s service, past and future

“He has offered valuable insights as an officer,” said Theodore Kim, AAJA’s National Secretary. “And over the past 15 years, Tom has volunteered as Voices editor, chapter president, as well as served on the governing board. Though we will miss him, he will remain an active member of AAJA for years to come.”