Student Spotlight: JCamp 2013

Meet some of the outstanding students who attended JCamp 2013 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.!

JCamp is the Asian American Journalists Association’s national multicultural journalism program for high school students that has been held every summer since 2001.

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Camille Park 

Glenbrook South HS, Glenview, IL
JCamp provided me the necessities of real-world journalism, not just high school journalism. Networking skills are typically difficult for teens to develop but I think JCamp really pushed me and I feel like I can be much more marketable to potential schools or internships. I took the skills I learned back home with me and people have noticed; it has really made me stand out.



Maya Shelton-Davies 
Maya_Shelton_DaviesRiver Falls HS, River Falls, WI
Reflecting on my experience at JCamp, I realize that the experience I had was truly life-changing. With all of the people I met, the extremely professional, genuinely interesting speakers we had, and all of the hard work we did to further expand our knowledge of journalism, saying that JCamp made me a better journalist is an understatement. I took away so much from camp. Not only am I a better journalist because of this experience, I am a better person and conversationalist as well. JCamp was a whirlwind of an experience and I am humbled that I had the great opportunity to attend. Read more about Maya’s JCamp experience.


Ram Sivakumar
ramsivakumarBlue Valley North HS, Overland Park, KS
My JCamp experience was truly life changing, and I do not mean this in a trite way. I experienced memorable speeches from prominent journalists who taught me and 40 other students about persevering with interviews, working with other journalists, and excelling in the industry. As each day passed, I built new relationships with not only the other campers, but also with the mentors who guided me as I hit the Washington streets and searched for a story. JCamp made my writing stronger, clearer, and more effective, and was a time when I evolved into a more confident journalist.


Shane Rabinowitz
ShaneRabinowitzFriends School of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
I distinctly remember the evening of my first night at JCamp… I was surrounded by forty of the most quirky, intellectual, and passionate students from around the US, soon to be new lifelong friends. The lessons from JCamp will guide me as a I begin my journey through college and careers. Both students and teachers at JCamp challenged my comfort zone, and taught me that success is found when pushing yourself beyond boundaries. And last, but most certainly not least, JCamp taught me that success doesn’t directly correlate with where you come from, how much money you have, or the level of your GPA, but it is determined by your willingness to try new things and make new connections.

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Questions about JCamp? Contact Cristina Edwards at the AAJA National Office: Email her or call 415-346-2051, ext. 105.