Doris Truong: Why I Support VOICES

AAJA National President Doris Truong [photo by Hyungwon Kang]

Photo by Hyungwon Kang

 How did AAJA VOICES shape your path? I came to VOICES several years into my involvement with AAJA, when I was already a working journalist. Being side by side with  journalists from a range of backgrounds and experiences — and under VOICES’ intense daily deadline pressures — you’re quickly able to see how people would perform in a professional newsroom environment. Little did I know that my work was being closely observed by another professional on the project, Vince Rinehart, who would one day offer me the opportunity to work with him at The Post.

What can you do today that you wouldn’t be able to do without having been in VOICES? VOICES reminds you of the reason many of us became journalists. The energy and the passion of the student journalists is invigorating for the professionals. My time on VOICES also gave me some of my first opportunities to mentor and to manage.

Any other thoughts on why people should support VOICES:What was once a print-only project has become a vibrant multimedia newsroom that offers hands-on experience in all the forms of storytelling that today’s journalists need to succeed. Student reporters have challenging beats to tackle with sources who are sometimes less than forthcoming. And the professional journalists learn as much from the students as from one another. As with all worthwhile journalistic enterprises, quality isn’t free; that’s why I put money into VOICES and you should, too.

Name: Doris Truong

VOICES year and role: 2001 (San Francisco), 2002 (Dallas), 2003 (San Diego); professional staff each time

Current position: Homepage Editor, The Washington Post

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