Dominique Fong: How VOICES Shaped My Path

Desert Sun/ business writer Dominique Fong.How did AAJA VOICES shape your path? I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the mentorship and guidance provided by AAJA’s VOICES. The program makes a concerted effort to provide one-on-one help to student journalists. I received advice on the direction of my journalism career and positive encouragement for stories. My mentor, Ruth Liao, connected me at people at The Oregonian, a large daily newspaper. I was eventually selected for a year-long internship program.

What can you do today that you wouldn’t be able to do without having been in VOICES? VOICES opened the door to The Oregonian. Before then, I had never heard of the internship. It has also inspired me to one day, when I have more experience, mentor other young journalists seeking guidance.

Any other thoughts on why people should support VOICES? It’s a fast-paced few days during the conference, but AAJA VOICES has passionate mentors who care deeply not only about the future of journalism but also about the well-being of the young people they raise up. They care about personal relationships, and as a budding reporter, community support is essential to a foundation in a new career.

Name: Dominique Fong

VOICES year and role: 2010, Los Angeles, student

Current position: Business and real estate reporter, The Desert Sun