Learn More About AAJA’s Chapters

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has 20 chapters. Contact a chapter or chapter president near you, or join AAJA as an at-large member to help advance our mission of diversity in news and newsrooms.


President AMY B WANG Reporter, The Arizona Republic Web Facebook Twitter


President ANGIE LAU Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Web Facebook Twitter


President ARCHITH SESHADRI Digital Journalist/Reporter, Fox TV Facebook Twitter


President GRACE WONG Reporter, Chicago Tribune Web Facebook


President VALERIE BOEY Reporter, WOFL-TV (FOX 35) Web Facebook Twitter


President JASON UBAY Communications Project Manager, Olomana Loomis ISC Web Facebook Twitter

 Los Angeles

President NAOMI HAYASE Editorial Researcher, Nihon Keizai Shimbun (the Nikkei) Web Facebook Twitter


President ANJANA SCHROEDER Producer, 6 News at 5 WLNS Facebook Twitter


President DELANE CLEVELAND Reporter, 12 News/Northwest Community Television Web Facebook Twitter

New England

President SUSAN CHOI Freelance Photojournalist Web Facebook Twitter

New York

President PHILIP YAM  Editor-in-Chief, Simons Foundation Web Facebook Twitter

North Carolina

President LYNN OWENS, Lecturer of Broadcast Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Web Facebook


Presidents JULIANA REYES Lead Reporter, Technically Philly YOWEI SHAW Freelance Radio Reporter/Producer Web Facebook


President PETER WONG Regional Reporter, The Portland Tribune/Pamplin Media Group Web Facebook


President SANDY LOUEY Information Officer, California Energy Commission Web Facebook Twitter

San Diego

Presidents IRENE BYON Producer, ABC10News JANE LEE Multimedia Journalist, CW 6 Web Facebook Twitter

San Francisco Bay Area

President DONNA TAM Freelancer Web Facebook Twitter


President VENICE BUHAIN Editor, The Seattle Globalist Web Facebook Twitter


Presidents ALANNA QUILLEN Anchor/Reporter, KTBS 3 News Shreveport JENNIFER SAMP Marketing Manager, City of Albuquerque Web Facebook Twitter

Washington D.C.

President SEUNG MIN KIM Congressional Reporter, Politico Web Facebook Twitter