Our Year of Visibility: 2020 Message from National President Michelle Ye Hee Lee


Dear AAJA Family, 


In 2020, AAJA will take bold strides toward achieving greater visibility. 

We're all a part of the AAJA family because we believe in and work toward a shared vision: 

To see more Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists and storytellers enter, diversify and thrive in our industry.

To see our AAPI communities reflected accurately and fairly in the stories that are told about them.

To see each other at the forefront of trailblazing digital journalism that shapes the future of storytelling and media.

To see AAPIs carve out new spaces in the news and media industries and rise to the highest positions of influence.

Our desire to be seen and represented in news organizations and in news coverage is why the Asian American Journalists Association was created nearly four decades ago. And this goal remains pertinent in 2020.


Here’s how we can achieve our critical goals together:

  • Join, renew and recruit members to reach 2,020 in 2020. We can’t be seen without the numbers to demand it. By reaching this milestone, AAJA’s membership size would be restored to pre-recession levels, marking a new era of growth and influence. 

  • Shine a light on our successes and amplify. Share your work with AAJA National so we can flex for and with you. Share each other’s work using #AAJAkudos and #AAJAfamily on social media and #AAJA-kudos in the AAJA Slack. Then repost, retweet, regram — and repeat.

  • Attend #AAJA20 and pitch your programming ideas. Share your ideas for must-have trainings and conversations. Gain the skills and connections to land your dream job and power up your career. Meet us in Washington, D.C., July 29 - Aug. 1, 2020.

  • Volunteer as a leader for your chapter, affinity group, journalism program or national board. Your time as an AAJA leader will be invaluable in finding your voice, vision and style as a news leader and creating your path to the highest levels in the industry.

  • Donate $20.20 or more to our signature programs. Our programs help minority journalists -- from high school students to veterans -- thrive in our quickly-evolving industry.


AAJA is not possible without our members. Thank you for your dedication to AAJA’s mission. Thank you for creating our community — attending a chapter or affinity group event, meeting with mentees and volunteering your free time to serve in leadership positions. Thank you to the AAJA Board of Directors, truly a dream team. Thank you to our Executive Director Naomi Tacuyan Underwood, national staff Daniel Garcia, and Glenn and Karen Sugihara, the backbone of AAJA.

Thank you to our sponsors and Power of One donors for their financial contributions that fuel our journalism programs. Thank you to The Washington Post for their continued support of my work with AAJA. 

It’s truly an honor to serve as your president and be a small part of our collective journey. Thank you.


Michelle Ye Hee Lee
AAJA President

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