AAJA Board Approves Restructuring Secretary and Treasurer Positions


The Asian American Journalist Association’s governing board in March approved restructuring two officer positions: the Secretary will also be known as the Vice President of Communications, and the Treasurer will also be known as the Vice President of Finance.

AAJA has done considerable work over the past few years to ensure that the organization is better prepared for the future. In 2015, we added a senior vice president, vice president of journalism programs, and vice president of community engagement to our ranks to better reflect our mission.

In keeping with the spirit of innovation and agility that drove prior changes, the secretary and treasurer positions will be reimagined to include more responsibilities involving the strategy for the organization’s future. The officers will be responsible for traditional record-keeping associated with both positions, but they will also be positioned to develop strategies to help AAJA continually grow and stay relevant.


Treasurer/VP of Finance

In addition to helping with the oversight of the organization’s financial accounts, this officer will now also be tasked with identifying revenue and growth opportunities for the organization.

This officer will also:

  • Serve as liaison between local chapters and National staff
  • Connect with chapters for help on local finance
  • Serve as the chair or co-chair of AAJA’s investment committee
  • Work closely with National staff, governing and the advisory board to strategize and develop new funding pipelines
  • Lead and develop fundraising training for local and national leaders


Secretary/VP of Communications

In addition to keeping minutes for every meeting of the board of directors, the officer will also act as the main liaison with local chapters, draft policy changes, and oversee branding and marketing opportunities for the organization.

This officer will also:

  • Serve as point of contact for questions about bylaws, particularly local board structure and elections
  • Administer national elections
  • Craft policy changes
  • Lead and encourage development of AAJA leadership training on local and national level
  • Work closely with National and relevant committees to oversee brand and marketing
  • The governing board approved adding the changes to the by-laws in March. 

If you have any questions, please contact National Secretary/VP of Communications, Nicole Dungca, at ndungca@gmail.com.