Last week Saturday, AAJA-Asia members in Seoul sat with four distinguished media professionals on topics that have become a contested issue during the unfolding of the latest political scandal that toppled the South Korean president – ethics and journalism in South Korea. 

The Seoul subchapter of AAJA-Asia jointly organized the event with Korea Exposé (, an English-language media that is seeing fast growing fans with its in-depth, nuanced analysis on Korea.

The event was a huge success — a great turnout and most of us stay focused on the discussions that went on for more than two hours on Saturday afternoon without any break. It brought together an unusual mixture of voices across different backgrounds.

We would like to express our very special thanks to the panelists and the moderator for the engaging and nuanced discussions on inner workings of the South Korean and foreign media. 

They are:

  • The New York Times Seoul bureau chief Choe Sang-hun
  • Seoul Shinmun Civil Division Desk Chief Mun So Young
  • Inje University Journalism Studies Professor Kim Chang-yong
  • Sanghyun Park, Contents Lab Director at Mediati, a Seoul-based media venture investor and incubator
  • Moderator: Se-Woong Koo, Managing Editor at Korea Exposé. 

We are also thankful for the generous support from Mediati, which offered its event hall and sponsored coffee for all attendants.

Visit Mediati Facebook page here ( and Korea Exposé, which is one of the media startups invested by Mediati, here (  

Our special thanks also go to Jun Michael Park who took great pictures of the event and agreed to share them here on the AAJA-Asia blog.

You can see more of Jun’s photos here:

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