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The mission of AAJA's News Nerds is to bridge the gap between tech and the newsroom, by enhanced traditional storytelling methods through new data and technology, which is becoming more critical as the news industry continues changing rapidly. Its members consist of professionals who are data reporters, news developers, designers, audience engagement specialists and graphics reporters.



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Co-Director Alex Lim
Alex is a News Assistant on the New York Times coronavirus tracking team. A recent graduate of Northeastern University, he holds a B.S. in computer science and design. Having worked in tech, Alex shifted towards journalism after discovering the intersections of design, data, code and storytelling. He aspires to support others in navigating this same space.
Co-Director Madison Dong
Madison Dong is a senior at Northwestern University studying journalism, computer science, and design. She was recently a graphics and design intern at The Washington Post, and previously worked on The Post's newsroom engineering team. She is happy to exchange sandwich shop recommendations and talk about getting started in journalism and tech.
Co-Director Thomas Oide
Thomas Oide is a designer/developer at The Star Tribune. He graduated from the University of Missouri in 2019, with a degree in data journalism and minors in computer science and IT. Even though he works at the intersection of journalism and tech, he started his journalism journey as a print reporter and is always willing to talk to people who are looking to make the same switch.