Assignment Editor/Web Producer

WOIO Cleveland, OH

Description of Duties:

1. Responsible for making sure the day’s stories decided by news management are covered.

2. Responsible for generating story ideas.

3. Responsible for posting news content to our digital platforms.

3. Monitor news wires and police radios, maintain phone lists of sources, and keep files and

records of upcoming news events.

4. Assist News Producer in writing and preparing news broadcasts.

5. Utilize personal discretion and initiative to solve problems which may arise; to provide story

ideas and research as necessary.

6. Use personal news judgment and discretion to make story decisions and coverage decisions

as events warrant.

7. Direct videographers and/or reporters to gather and produce the news.

8. Be responsible for making regular “beat” calls.

Education/Skills Required:

1. College degree in Journalism preferred.

2. Training in basic rules of journalism and news gathering.

3. Demonstrated ability to research news stories and prepare copy for air.

4. Ability to work well under pressure and to get along with others.

5. Knowledge of the politics and geography of Cleveland.

Date Job is Available: Immediately


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