Editor & MediaWise Program Manager

The Poynter Institute St. Petersburg, FL

The Poynter Institute is creating a new fact-checking vertical specifically designed for middle- and high school students and is looking for an experienced journalist with sharp digital skills to lead the project. The job is unique: You’ll create a new fact-checking product, work with professional and student journalists to create video and digital content, build publishing partnerships with news organizations across the country, train students and others how to sort out fact from fake, teach the lessons you learn along the way as a member of Poynter’s teaching team, collaborate with Poynter’s partners on the project, and probably 10 other things.

If that sounds like a lot, we’ll be honest: It is. But we think this position has the potential to be extremely rewarding. Why?

You’ll be the editor/publisher. You’ll be among some of the world’s best journalism teachers. You’ll be working alongside Poynter’s PolitiFact and the International Fact-Checking Network. You’ll steward our relationships with researchers at Stanford, YouTube creators and other journalism partners. You’ll be in St. Petersburg, Fla., and see the water from the office.

And you’ll be doing work that’s critically needed.

Researchers at Stanford University have found that middle- and high school students are woefully ill-prepared to spot online hoaxes and misinformation…many don’t know that “sponsored content” is advertising and not news.

We’re setting out to help fix that.

We’re looking for someone, who, beyond already being excited about the potential of this position:

● Has reporting, editing and leadership experience;

● Has worked with younger journalists, and likes it;

● Has experience teaching, whether formally or informally;

● Is organized and manage a complex project with multiple partnerships;

● Feels comfortable telling stories through videos and graphics, as much as telling stories through text;

● Can help us find publishing partners for this work, and;

● Doesn’t mind travel.

Want to build this with us? Send cover letter and resume to hiring11@poynter.org.


No phone calls, please.

Position is in St. Petersburg, FL.

Annual Salary Range: $80k-$95k plus relocation benefit of up to $10k

Deadline to apply: April 13, 2018

Start date for this position is May 2018.

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