The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is dedicated to developing the next generation of journalists who can lead in uncertain times and build a sustainable future for journalism. In today’s changing media landscape, it is vital that leaders are equipped for addressing the responsibilities and challenges of serving our increasingly diverse and cross-cultural world.

AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program has an impressive 20+ year track record, committed to journalistic excellence and leadership training. ELP provides targeted professional development to diverse, high-potential, ambitious, and community-minded professionals. The program delivers more strategic, agile, confident, and diversity conscious leaders.

ELP has trained more than 500 media professionals to-date. Successfully fostering a pipeline of savvy industry leaders (many at major media companies) and providing graduates with access to a robust, life-long, and supportive alumni network.

Additionally, ELP offers continuing learning opportunities year-round (online and in-person), including: alumni programming, mentorship, workshops, and networking events.

Executive Leadership Program News

Apply for ELP 2019 Today

The ELP 2019 Seminar will take place from April 15-19, 2019 at ABC News in New York City. Apply for the ELP 2019 seminar now About AAJA's Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is dedicated...

My Experience at ELP: Lisa Ng

Where do I begin?   Before I was accepted into AAJA’s week-long ELP seminar, I was struggling as an experienced freelance TV producer. I felt like I was living artist’s life, fighting to continue my craft even as...

My Experience at ELP: Elaine Ramirez

Many of us came to AAJA’s ELP week-long seminar because we wanted an answer to the burning question: What’s next?   The ELP seminar, for mid-career journalists, does not provide an easy answer. Some of my peers came because...

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