Apply to be Muslim American Task Force Program Director


The Application Deadline Has Passed


AAJA is looking for two program directors for the Muslim American Task Force (MATF), our national initiative to help media cover Muslim/Muslim American communities accurately and fairly.

MATF was created to develop tools to help journalists and media covering Muslim and Muslim American communities and current changes to U.S. immigration policies.

Through MATF, AAJA is filling a void that is desperately needed, and operating as a key player in the diversity/media space in a way that is directly tied to AAJA’s mission: to ensure accurate and fair coverage of AAPI communities, and more broadly, communities of color.

The task force seeks to answer:

  • How can we improve coverage of Muslim American issues? What are the weaknesses and strengths in current coverage?
  • How can we help journalists who are covering Muslim American communities? What do they need, what don’t they need?
  • How can we support Muslim American journalists?

The goal of the task force is to work quickly to create tools and resources for journalists and media covering the immigration debate, including legal guides and source databases.

MATF Structure:

  • Partnerships Committee: Pools the resources and efforts going on outside of our organization, so that we involve all groups who are passionate about this mission.

  • Guidelines Committee: Responsible for updating AAJA’s Guide to Covering Muslim America, provide resources for journalistic standards and best practices/pitfalls to avoid, story ideas journalists are missing, and more.

  • Sources Committee: Responsible for the Diverse Muslim Sources database, a tool to help journalists covering Muslim and Muslim American issues. There are plenty of knowledgeable, quotable experts out there, and we want to help journalists find them. Our goal is to curate a diverse database of expertise and geography.

Program directors duties and expectations:

-This is a one-year term, through calendar year 2018, with the option for renewal at the end of 2018. Co-directors must be AAJA members.

-This is a volunteer position who will work closely with AAJA national staff and national governing board. The director will oversee operations, outreach, recruiting for the task force, which is composed of volunteers from inside and outside AAJA.

-The position is open to all candidates. Preference will be given to journalists/former journalists who are Muslim American or have extensive experience covering or working with the community.

-The directors will work with national office to identify and pursue grant and funding opportunities.

-The directors will recruit and appoint leaders for the three committees.

The deadline to apply for Muslim American Task Force program director has passed. If you have any questions about the task force, please contact Michelle Lee at