Muslim American Task Force Co-Directors Announced


The Asian American Journalists Association is thrilled to announce four new co-directors of the AAJA Muslim American Task Force (MATF), our national initiative to help media cover Muslim/Muslim American communities accurately and fairly.


Nuran-Alteir.jpgNuran Alteir is a freelance multimedia reporter based in Orange County, California. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times Community News, KPCC, The Oregonian, The Orange County Register and The New York Times. 

Alteir will be the lead co-director of MATF. She has been involved in MATF since its creation and is an active member of the task force as a member of the Guidelines Committee. In recent months, she has emerged as a natural leader and has helped recruit new members and share the work of MATF to the broader journalism community. 

“There is a clear need in helping journalists cover Muslim/Muslim American communities more accurately and fairly,” Alteir said. "AAJA's Muslim American Task Force will be the ultimate resource for driving change in newsrooms across the country."


f.rahman.jpgFauzeya Rahman most recently worked for The San Antonio Express-News and is based in Houston, Texas. Rahman has been a member of MATF since its creation, as a member of the Guidelines Committee.

Rahman will be the co-director who oversees the Guidelines Committee, responsible for updating AAJA’s Guide to Covering Muslim America, providing resources for journalistic standards and best practices/pitfalls to avoid, as well as offering up story ideas that journalists are missing and more.




waliya-lari.jpegWaliya Lari is a news executive producer at WRAL News and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lari has spent many years working to build bridges between Muslim communities and local newsrooms.

Lari will be the co-director who oversees the Collaborations Committee*, responsible for building relationships and partnerships with other groups and individuals who share the same mission as MATF and finding ways to collaborate on projects and initiatives.




CH0A8466.jpgYousuf Fahimuddin is a journalist and user researcher based in San Jose, California. Fahimuddin has been a member of MATF since its creation as a member of the Sources Committee, and integral to the development of the Diverse Muslim Sources database.

Fahimuddin will be the co-director who oversees the Sources Committee, responsible for developing tools to help journalists cover Muslim and Muslim American issues by diversifying the sources they interact with and materials they cite.




Please join us in welcoming and celebrating our new co-directors. We are excited to support them in leading MATF to the next level.


— Vice President of Civic Engagement Pia Sarkar & Senior Vice President Michelle Lee


Follow Nuran Alteir on Twitter at @whatnuransaid, Fauzeya Rahman at @fauzeyar, Waliya Lari at @_WallysWorld and Yousuf Fahimuddin at @yousuffuddin.


*This committee was previously called the Partnerships Committee. Due to the need to emphasize objective nature of the committee's work, MATF unanimously decided to rename the committee to the Collaborations Committee in June 2018.