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Participants in FOX News segment recount encounters with correspondent


AAJA Urges Newsrooms to Stop Using ‘Illegal’ to Describe Certain Immigrants

Immigration continues to be an incendiary political topic, about which the language used in news coverage often serves to only further inflame. We at the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) call on all newrooms to stop using the term “illegal immigrant” as immigration reform efforts intensify.

AAJA & 37 Other Journalism Groups Urge President to Stop Excessive Controls on Public Information

Thirty-eight journalism and open government groups today called on President Obama to stop practices in federal agencies that prevent important information from getting to the public.

AAJA applauds revamped AP style in describing some immigrants

We commend AP for acting to revise its influential stylebook, a well-reasoned decision that we hope will spark further discussion about the term “illegal immigrant.” We agree with AP  that “illegal” should not be used to describe people but be used to describe the actions people take.

AAJA MediaWatch seeks apology for ‘rice ball’ comment on “Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller”

AAJA's Media Watch responds to Stephanie Miller's "rice ball" comment on “Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller.”

AAJA condemns Joel Brinkley’s column about Vietnam

When we read Joel Brinkley’s recent column about Vietnam, we were appalled, and we expected better from Mr. Brinkley. Apparently, so did Tribune Media Services when it acknowledged that the column did not meet its journalistic standards.


Media Advisory on Jeremy Lin News Coverage

As NBA player Jeremy Lin’s prowess on the court continues to attract international attention and grab headlines, the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) would like to remind media outlets about relevance and context regarding coverage of race.