Media Content Producer

Scripps Media, Inc. Nashville, TN

The Media Content Producer is responsible for managing newsroom assignments, coordinating logistics, monitoring news wires and scanners.

* Plan news coverage as directed by news management

* Dispatch crews to stories and breaking news, using appropriate logistical and journalistic judgement

* Make calls to news sources as needed, gaining appropriate and actionable information

* Assist in finding stories, doing research and tracking story ideas in assignment desk computer with emphasis on key brand points

* Publishing of online content

* Perform other duties as needed and as directed by news management


Education & Experience/Certifications

* Bachelor's degree in Journalism or related discipline

* 3-5 years of experience in broadcast or similar industry preferred

Skills & Abilities

* Must be organized, self-starter who can work independently

* Basic computer skills; non-linear and production techniques

* Ability to perform multiple tasks in a fast paced environment

* Understanding of the principles of responsible journalism

* Ability to work well with others in a team-based environment

* Ability to write effectively

Work Environment

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