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Michigan went before AAJA's national board at the Dallas convention to pitch the idea of a new chapter. The group was granted probationary status and by the 2003 convention in San Diego, AAJA Michigan became the organization's 19th chapter. Still, AAJA's connection to Michigan is much older. Before there was a statewide chapter there was an AAJA Detroit chapter. It was founded in 1988. Ti-Hua Chang, now in New York, served as its first president. By 1995, when the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News went on strike, several chapter members had left the state and the chapter was forced to fold. But the desire for a chapter here never faded and in 2001, journalists from Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids met to form a new chapter. In its first year as a chapter, AAJA Michigan held several events which have become annual programs.

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Breaking News Reporter, The Detroit News