Multi Media Journalist

Scripps Media, Inc. Midway, FL

Primary Purpose

The Multimedia journalist is responsible for researching, writing, capturing visual content and editing stories for multiple platforms.


Key Activities

* Receives assignment or evaluates news leads and news tips to develop story ideas.

* Gathers and verifies factual information regarding stories through interview, observation, and research.

* Organizes material, determines slant or emphasis, and writes story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards.

* Shoots video and still photos to illustrate stories.

* Edits, or assists in editing, videos for all multimedia platforms.

* Appears on television program when conducting taped interview or narration

* Gives live reports from site of event or mobile broadcast unit.

* Work cooperatively with photographer assigned to story, if one is assigned.

* Assist news producer in preparing newscast.

* Assist online staff in preparing for multi media stories.

* Report, write, capture quality visual content, edit and produce stories for multiple platforms on deadline, such as Internet and digital channels.


Education & Experience/Certifications

* Bachelors degree in broadcast journalism or related degree or equivalent years of experience

* Minimum of two years of experience

Skills & Abilities

* Computer literacy required, including newsroom computer systems.

* Videography and non-linear editing experience preferred.

* Knowledge of broadcast quality camera equipment.

* Edit video on Final Cut Pro editing systems, or similar equipment.

* Strong broadcast and AP style writing skills.

* Proficient at posting content to various websites.

* Self-motivated and able to work in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment.

Work Environment

* Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds.

Additional Requirements

* Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds.

* Valid driver's license and good driving record required. In addition, proof of insurance and liability coverage may be required.

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