The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has created a new task force to develop tools to help journalists covering Muslim/Muslim American communities and current changes to U.S. immigration policies.

A core tenet of AAJA’s mission is to ensure accurate and fair coverage of AAPI communities, and more broadly, communities of color. The task force will seek to answer:

How can we improve coverage of Muslim American issues? What are the weaknesses and strengths in current coverage?

How can we help journalists who are covering Muslim American communities? What do they need, what don't they need?

Over the next few weeks, the task force will work quickly to create tools and resources for journalists covering the immigration debate, including legal guides and source databases.


Are you a journalist covering Muslim American communities and the immigration debate? Are you a reader or viewer who sees room for improvement in news coverage? Are you a community member who wants to tell your story? We want to hear from you. Please email Michelle Lee at

Michelle Lee, AAJA Senior Vice President


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