NBC News Summer Fellowship


2018 NBC Summer Partnership Participants


JaiaClinghamDavid.pngJaia Clingham-David is a student at Cornell University who recently completed a summer fellowship at NBC. "The AAJA/NBC summer fellowship was a fantastic experience where I learned more than I expected about cable news. I was able to develop my research skills for segments and be exposed to new areas such as tape and editing which I thoroughly enjoyed. After this fellowship, I am excited to explore more areas of journalism to develop my skills and interests that were bolstered at NBC," Jaia says. She hopes to one day have a career that crosses multiple disciplines and incorporates the numerous skills and interests she holds.





BoKovitz.jpgBo Kovitz is a student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism studying documentary journalism. She recently completed an internship with Dateline NBC in New York. "It was a special opportunity to see how sides of this business work and environments in which many stories are generated. I feel emboldened, informed and empowered to take this knowledge and arm myself with it as I carve out my particular path as an independent journalist in this field," Bo says about the internship. View her work with Dateline NBC here.






lo_alex_headshot.jpgAlex Lo is a student at Boston University studying communications and economics who recently worked for NBC News as a news desk intern. "The AAJA/NBC News Fellowship I received made it possible for me to successfully pursue journalism as a profession by giving me the opportunity to see what a career in broadcast news really looks like. By shadowing individuals across disciplines in NBC, I got a great sense of what jobs are available," Alex says. He hopes to one day be a producer for broadcast news. View his work with NBC News here.






KitRamgopal.pngKit Ramgopal is a student at Stanford University studying international relations who recently worked at NBC as a digital news intern. "I have spent most of my college career pursuing freelance and college newspaper publications, so the chance to write and report in an established newsroom like NBC Digital News was invaluable to my professional development. [...] I felt I was able to contribute meaningfully to NBC News—including the publication of 15 articles on the NBCnews.com homepage. I also was able to break a long-form investigative story on Brad Pitt's charity in New Orleans, which was picked up by the TODAY show," Kit says. She hopes to establish a career as an investigative journalist. View her work with NBC here and here.





2017 NBC Summer Partnership Participants



Michelle Baik is a student at Northwestern University who recently completed an internship with the Today Show. "Through the fellowship, I got to see how a newsroom operates at the network level, and this opportunity was something I really wanted. To make it as a national correspondent on network television is my professional goal, so this experience was great for me on many aspects," Michelle says. She currently works as a reporter and anchor for Northwestern News Network and hopes to one day be a full-time reporter for NBC. View her work with the Today Show here and here.






Angeline Bernabe is a student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism who recently completed an internship with NBC Nightly News. "The NBC summer partnership helped me reach my goals of making it to New York and having the opportunity to see how shows are produced from NBC's headquarters at 30 Rock. [...] It was so eye-opening to see how a story went from a pitch, to production on location, to editing, and to broadcast on television and digital. The NBC summer partnership opened up so many doors and helped me expand my journalism network," Angeline says. Angeline is currently interning at CNBC's San Francisco bureau and hopes to establish a career as a TV news producer for a network show. Read one of her articles from NBC News here.






Linda Ha is a senior at the University of California, Irvine pursing a major in journalism. She recently completed an internship with CNBC where she wrote articles, produced videos and helped produce segments for multiple shows. "During my time at CNBC, I got to see the impact of how words in print and on-air can affect the market in real time which reminded me of the importance of speed with accuracy. Working at CNBC’s headquarters also taught me that the onus is on individual journalists to come up with story ideas, report, write, edit, publish and self-promote. This takes independence, drive, and attention to detail, which can’t be taught in a classroom but are skills I was able to practice and will carry into my journalism profession," Linda says. She is currently a contributor for NewUniversity, UC Irvine's student newspaper and aspires to be a TV news reporter in a small to medium market. Read one of her articles for CNBC here and watch one of her videos for CNBC Travel here.





Claire Tran is a student at Boston University pursuing a major in journalism who recently completed an internship with NBC. "By working in the broadcast sector of NBC, I realized how much I still wanted to learn about the other sectors, like digital, social media, and more. Although I learned so much at NBC, I'm hoping to branch off and explore others mediums as well," Claire says. She is currently hoping to gain more experience in different mediums and aspires to learn more about data and graphics journalism to create multimedia content for a national publication. Read one of her articles for NBC Asian America here.





2016 NBC Summer Partnership Participants


Akira-Olivia-Kuramoto.jpgAkira Olivia Kuramoto is a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism who has recently completed an internship with NBCUniversal’s Today Show. “My internship gave me access to important connections in the journalism world. I believe that because of my internship, my options for jobs after graduation are much more vast than they were before. There are many hoops that I no longer have to worry about now and I am so grateful for that,” Akira says. In the future, she hopes to establish a career in online journalism. 





Rachel-Pak.jpgRachel Pak is a student at Wellesley College in Massachusetts focusing on media arts & sciences and English. “Before AAJA and this fellowship, I did not know how to approach the industry, and none of my friends or family could help me even if they wanted to do so. I am so grateful to AAJA for giving me this opportunity to connect with so many fantastic mentors at CNBC who taught me and pushed me to be the best I could be,” Rachel says. Since Wellesley College does not have a journalism program, Rachel is truly thankful for the opportunity to work as an NBC Summer Partner with AAJA. She currently works for Wellesley College’s student television station WCTV as an executive producer. Watch one her CNBC segments here and read one of her articles here.




Paayal-Zaveri.jpgPaayal Zaveri is a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism who currently works as a reporter for Richmond Confidential. “The AAJA fellowship with NBC allowed me to work at CNBC this summer and learn about TV/video production. I also had the opportunity to hone my writing and reporting skills by contributing articles to CNBC.com and NBC Asian America. I also was able to network within CNBC and the larger NBC company to see what opportunities are available for after I graduate. It opened up a lot of possibilities for my future journalism career,” Paayal says. She is currently focusing on multimedia journalism in graduate school and learning about data journalism, data graphics, and coding to supplement the storytelling skills she acquired through her experience thus far. View her work with CNBC here and here.




2015-NBC-Fellows.jpg2015 NBC Summer Fellows (from left to right) Aliya Bora, Janine Wolf, Jalena Keane-Lee and Nick Sexton

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