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The New York chapter, founded in 1987, is one of AAJA's largest, consisting of about 300 members. It maintains a board of nine people (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, two national board representatives, a membership chair, a webmaster and a student board rep). Our principal fundraising event is the Trivia Bowl, held in the mid to late spring. From our funds, we offer support for the Executive Leadership Program, VOICES and JCamp, as well as convention and internship stipends. We organize chapter meetings sometimes as site visits to companies, such as the New York Times, CNN Money, Yahoo, Time Inc., Bloomberg, Vox Media and more. Not only is it fun to get tours and see where others work, but recruiters often talk to members about staff and freelance opportunities. We also hold bi-monthly coffee meetups and mixers and team up with other local organizations for events.

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