Opinion Editor

Scripps Media, Inc. Cincinnati, OH

The Opinion Editor writes and edits editorials under the station brand for all appropriate platforms. This position requires journalistic skills, including exceptional writing skills, the ability to manage multiple editorial/opinion projects at the same time, and the ability to maintain close and effective relationships with key members of our local community to better understand important and complex issues.

* Collaborates with station managers to build strategy and tactics around opinion content – calendar, timing, platforms, topics.

* Recommend topics for opinion content to supervisor and to station Editorial Board.

* Draft and edit station editorials and commentaries.

* Work with internal staff and freelancers/contributors to solicit and review additional opinion and perspective.

* Participate in appropriate conversations, on social media and elsewhere, to position the station as a center of, and a contributor to, important and influential conversations around the community.

* Manage relations with the station Editorial Board, including recruiting and retention of members of the board, scheduling in-person meetings, and soliciting of feedback around editorial drafts.

* Manage relations with other community groups that can provide insight and feedback to station leaders about important topics in the community.

* Work to expand the reach of station editorials and commentaries to current and future station platforms, as well as outside content platforms and networks.

* Work with station’s leaders to engage key members and groups of our community.

* Use analytical tools and other feedback mechanisms to measure the impact and reach of station opinion content.

* Performs other duties as assigned.


Education & Experience/Certifications

* Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or related discipline is required.

* A minimum of 5 years of experience in journalism and news writing, with substantial experience in local community news and issues strongly preferred.

* 2 years of experience in writing editorial content strongly preferred.

* Experience in engaging a diverse group of community members in conversation about important issues of the day.

Skills & Abilities

* Journalism: Skilled storyteller, journalistic ethics and libel.

* Advanced oral and written communication skills.

* Working knowledge of all media platforms and broad understanding of broadcast newsroom operations and equipment.

* Calm under pressure: able to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

* Customer focus: understands customer needs, raises the bar on customer service, develops unified approach to exceed customer expectations.

* Very strong collaborator: involves others in problem solving and decision making, asks for and considers an array of perspectives, comfortable relying on the expertise of others and joint decision making.

* Manage execution: setting expectations, delegating, facilitating, removing barriers, measuring performance, and fostering accountability/recognition.

* Engage and inspire at all levels: create environment where people feel appreciated, and valued, are committed and want to excel, and want to define opportunities to improve the organization.

* Manage conflict: Constructive in working through differences, handles recurrent conflict, resolves issues between employees, preserves relationships.

* Decision making: Ties decisions to strategy, uses sound logic, makes decisions at the right time, brings others into decision making process, chooses the best alternative.

* Coach: Continuously cultivates capabilities by asking the right questions and equipping staff with tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves.

* Delegation: is clear about lines of responsibility, allows staff to make mistakes, offers guidance without taking over, enables team to manage daily operation of their teams.

Additional Requirements

* Valid driver's license and good driving record required. In addition, proof of insurance and liability coverage may be required.

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