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AAJA Radio and Podcasting will be a resource to all AAJA members. We will serve as a technical, critical and employment resource for our fellow radio broadcasters, online audio broadcasters and students. We will also serve as a resource for all TV, print and digital members.

Radio is growing. Podcasting is growing faster. More online and TV journalists are doing podcasts, radio interviews or filing for local radio stations. Whether it is Politico reporters on WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C. or WJBF-TV reporters filing for WGAC Radio in Augusta, Georgia. Those of us putting together podcasts are bringing the kind of journalism that is not always heard on the radio. We as audio producers and broadcasters have something to offer every member of AAJA.

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Rahul.jpgDirector Rahul Bali

Rahul has worked in radio and television for more than 20 years and has worked at WSB Radio in Atlanta, WTOP in Washington, D.C. and CNN Radio. He is currently a news anchor with the Oconee Radio Group in Georgia. He joined AAJA in 1998 and is currently the secretary of the Atlanta chapter.