Rebranding AAJA For Tomorrow


Since January, AAJA's leadership team has been working tirelessly to answer one question: What does it mean to be a part of AAJA? We know our members are fiercely talented, community-driven journalists who are making an impact in the news industry every day, but our brand needed to better reflect those values. For the past few months we’ve been working with the creative team at In-House International to redesign our logo and website. Today, we’re one step closer to answering that question.

Our new logo was designed to capture three core values:

  1. Community

  2. Impact and Influence

  3. Forward-thinking

Community epitomizes the connectedness of our organization. Impact embodies the importance of our role in the journalism industry. Forward-thinking reflects the vision and talent within our membership. This redesign reflects the spirit of AAJA -- not only for today, but also for the future. Thanks to a dedicated committee of journalists from all around the world who volunteered their time and expertise to advise us through the process:

Frank Bi (The Verge, AAJA-NY)

Emily Chow (Washington Post, AAJA-DC)

Chiew Chung (ClassDo, AAJA-Asia)

Esther Gim (Mic, AAJA-Michigan)

Nelson Hsu (NBC, AAJA-NY)

Also, a sincere thanks to national staff Justin Seiter for spearheading our rebranding initiative and Patricia Villon for migrating years of content to the new website. Finally, we're grateful for Kathy Chow's leadership, who kept our organization seamlessly running while we overhauled our brand. 

This is one of many leaps we’ll be taking this year to move AAJA into a modern, digital-first future. Thank you for your continued support of AAJA and our mission. We hope you feel just as proud to be a member of AAJA as we are to serve you as your leadership team.

In unity,

Yvonne Leow

AAJA National President