AAJA is committed to developing the next generation of journalists by introducing students to the organization, and we need your help. Consider sponsoring a $25 student membership or a $150 National Convention student registration on behalf of a student you know, your alma mater, college media outlet or for an intern at your news organization.

Don't know any students? No problem! You can also donate a membership and we'll take care of the rest. Donor names and the institution receiving the membership will be listed on our student sponsorship page unless you prefer to remain anonymous. 

Please note that AAJA membership and/or convention registration donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE since membership and convention registration is considered a good/service received from AAJA. 

If you decide to sponsor a student, help us get the word out through social media! Use the hashtag #SponsorAAJA and Tweet a link to this page. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact AAJA Program Associate Patricia Villon at patriciav@aaja.org or (415) 346-2051 ext. 105.


AAJA would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their donation(s):

Anonymous Donor 

Bobby Caina Calvan

KPop Highway Radio

Carolyn Hong 


Become a Student Sponsor


You can sponsor a student membership in two ways:

1. If you know a specific student you’d like to sponsor, you can purchase their membership below. The student will receive an email that you have sponsored them for one year. If they already have a current membership, their membership will be extended for another year. Click the following link for Individual Student Memberships:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are sponsoring a student's convention registration, the student must have a current AAJA student membership. Please email patriciav@aaja.org to verify if the student you would like to sponsor has a current student membership.



2. If you don’t know a specific student but would like to donate a membership to your alma mater or college media organization, AAJA will work with university officials on campus to find a student. The student will receive an email that you have sponsored their membership for one year.

If you happen to know of a professor, adviser or student editor at your chosen organization, you can list their name and email on the form. This would be helpful, but is not required.

Don't know any students? No problem! AAJA will work with a variety of universities to match your donations with students. Click the following link to give a donation to your alma mater, a college media outlet or a university of your choice.


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