Studying Our Past: A Timeline of the Chin Case


Getting the Story Right

Many years have passed since the attack and death of Vincent Chin, yet many needed changes remain. Adequate representation in the media is still out of reach for many communities, and many groups lack equal access to American media.

One cornerstone of the Asian American Journalists Association’s (AAJA) mission is to provide the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community with an awareness of news media and an understanding of how to gain equitable access. Toward that goal, AAJA created MediaWatch. MediaWatch holds news media organizations to standards of accuracy and fairness in the coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and AAPI issues. If you know of a news media organization that you believe has strayed from these standards, we encourage you to bring the issue to the attention of MediaWatch.


Lily Chin holds a photo of her son, Vincent Chin.

Lily Chin holds a photo of her son, Vincent Chin.

Additional media watch and media access resources include:

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Read Additional Resources and Articles on the Chin Case


AAJA encourages everyone to pursue a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the violent death of Vincent Chin, its aftermath and this turning point in Asian American history. If we do not study our past and reflect on what we must do today, we risk of allowing such injustices to happen again. Below is a small sample of resources for those interested in learning more about the Chin case and the movement it started. There is a wealth of work on this topic, and AAJA strongly encourages everyone to seek out sources beyond this list.


  • Yellow: Race in American Beyond Black and White, by Frank H. Wu, Basic Books, ISBN 978-465-00639-7
  • Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of Asian American People, by Helen Zia, Farrar Straus Giroux ISBN 0-374-14774-4



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