Meet the VOICES Class of 2016


VOICES congratulates and welcomes the incoming class of students for this year’s convention project in Las Vegas, Nev.

Previous participants of the VOICES program have been hired at AJ+, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News and the Wall Street Journal. More than 800 VOICES alumni work around the globe.

This year’s class of 16 students have been selected after a competitive application process and will work closely with the 2016 mentor volunteers.


Noelle-Fujii.jpgNoelle Fujii, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Senior









Kavish-Harjai.jpgKavish Harjai, New York University, Junior









Kelly-Kasulis.jpgKelly Kasulis, Northeastern University, Senior









Thomas-Oide.jpgThomas Oide, University of Missouri, Freshman









Shawn-Paik.jpgShawn Paik, New York University, Junior









JeongPark.jpgJeong Park, UCLA, Junior









Sarah-Rahal.jpgSarah Rahal, Wayne State University, Junior









Clare-Ramirez.jpgClare Ramirez, Syracuse University, Junior 








Jenny-Ung.jpgJenny Ung, Arizona State University, Junior









Angie-Wang.jpgAngie Wang, UCLA, Junior









Huizhong-Wu.jpgHuizhong Wu, University of Pennsylvania, Recent Graduate








Gabi-Wy.jpgGabrielle Wy, University of Southern Indiana, Sophomore











zara_zhang.jpgZara Zhang, Harvard University, Junior









Kadado_Charlie.jpgCharlie Kadado, Wayne State University, Junior









Peter-Choi.jpgPeter Choi, Seattle Pacific University, Junior










Featured image courtesy of AP Images.