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AAJA Young Professionals Network (Yung AAJA) is the place for early career and student journalists. The community centers around skill development, mentorship and helping others find work. We also encourage posting of jobs, internships, fellowships and scholarships.

This will be a space specifically for young journalists, but we welcome the presence of older and more experienced journalists. Mentorship starts here: Yung AAJA will be the network to help point the next generation of journalists in the right direction.

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Yung AAJA Webinar: Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews

  Resumes and cover letters are essential to landing that internship or job interview! (Wait, interviews?!?!) Join AAJA Young Professionals Network (Yung AAJA) members Elaine Kong, Lian Parsons and Allen Peng via YouTube Live on Sunday, April 1 at 7:00pm ET to learn...

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Director Benjamin Pu

Benjamin is an associate producer with MSNBC. He serves on the AAJA-New York chapter board as the social media chair and webmaster. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2016 with a Bachelor's in global studies. Follow him on Twitter at @benjamin_pu, or visit his website at benjaminpu.com.