Welcome to the Yung AAJA FAQ


26198583_10215788008713076_5491942545951836143_o_(1).jpgWhat is yung AAJA?

AAJA Young Professionals Network (Yung AAJA) had an interesting start. It was a meme Facebook group, born out of AAJA’s 2016 Las Vegas conference and a desire to reconnect with the new friends we had made.

Over time, as membership grew organically, we noticed yung AAJA was creating a space for students and early career journalists to connect and share tips, tricks and job postings. So now, National has made us an official affinity group. From memes to a sanctioned group. We can’t believe it either.


What’s the goal here?

We’re here to set up the next generation of next AAPI journalists. Yung AAJA will be the network to help point the next generation of journalists in the right direction. By also becoming an official affinity group, yung AAJA will get a seat at the National organization’s table, and will always advocate for our yung journalists’ behalf.


How old is too old for yung AAJA?

Nobody ages out of yung AAJA. Number one reason is because we’re all yung at heart, right? Number two reason is that there is no hard age cutoff. We encourage members to help guide the next generation of journalists, so stay as long as you’d like to provide tips, tricks and advice. At some point you may find that the content isn’t helping you anymore and you’re a career journalist that doesn’t need our noob advice. Congrats fam, you made it.


What are the group’s goals for 2018?

We’re in the process of planning several Facebook live webinars for cover letters and professional tips. We’re also planning coast-to-coast in-person networking events. At the National convention in Houston, we’re planning a “yung Professionalism” seminar; how to dress, how to network, how to secure that job. Be on the lookout for more events!


How can I join?

Our preferred forum is the Facebook group “yung AAJA.” Join the Facebook group here.

You can also find us on the official AAJA Slack channel at #aaja-yung. Email Patricia Villon at patriciav@aaja.org to join the AAJA Slack channel. A current AAJA membership is required to join yung AAJA and the AAJA Slack channel.


Why is it spelled “yung?”

Because we’re hip millenials, y’all. Read this Urban Dictionary definition of "yung."