David Ono emcees at the AAJA Los Angeles Trivia Bowl XII 25th Anniversary celebration in Los Angeles, Friday, Oct. 20, 2006.

Newspaper article “About 40 attend first state convention” by Maija Lin chronicles the first AAJA state convention in Texas, Jan. 17, 1998. 

Ann Curry covers the 2006 Lebanon War in Beirut, 2006. (Photo/Drew Levinson)

Connie Chung speaks at the Connie Chung benefit luncheon at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, Apr. 18, 1995.

Frank Abe, Evelyn Hsu and Bryan P. Hori at AAJA’s national convention in D.C., 1992.

Henry Moritsugu, one of the first Asian American editors, in the newsroom, 1968

Wendy Tokuda, Ken Kashiwahara, and Tritia Toyota auction Ken Kashiwahara’s tie at an AAJA national convention in San Francisco

Jeannie Park and David Ibata at a board meeting 

Joie Chen reports at CNN

The KABC7 Eyewitness News staff including Ken Kashiwahara, the first Asian American network TV news anchor & war correspondent (Vietnam).

Lloyd LaCuesta and Diane Wong

Chapter members Loren Omoto, Wendy Tai, Nghi Huynh, Leonard Lee and Les Suzukamo meet in Minnesota.

Susan Almazol, the first Filipina and first Asian American woman reporter, and Lena Baker at the San Francisco Examiner, 1968. 

Chapter members Steve Kim, Lydia Lum, Esther Wu, Catalina Camia, Indira Lakshanman and Kerwin Berk meet in Texas. 

Tritia Toyota, Bill Sing, Wendy Tokuda, and Karen Seriguchi in 1985. Bill Sing’s name tag reads “Bill Sing LA Times”

AAJA members play Journalistic Jeopardy at the national convention in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1989.

The Bridgeport (CT) Post-Telegram newsroom staff including Al Young, the first Asian American mainland sports writer, editor and columnist, 1971-1972.

Tom Brokaw, the keynote speaker, addresses the audience at AAJA’s first scholarship dinner, 1982.

Frank Kwan speaks at AAJA’s first scholarship dinner, 1982.

Frank Kwan, Tritia Toyota, and Bill Sing plan for AAJA’s Scholarship Benefit Banquet, to take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Los Angeles, 1982.

The first AAJA Sacramento gathering is held at Sacramento Bee reporter Judy Tachibana’s home, Oct. 1985.

Ramon Dompor, Maria Ressa, Corinne Chin and Venice Buhain

K.W. Lee (R), the first Asian American to have worked for a mainstream U.S. media, congratulates Hyungwon Kang on winning his second Pulitzer Prize (1999 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography) at the Unity Convention dinner in Seattle, 1999.

Larry Nakatsuka, the first Japanese American reporter in Hawaii, holds a Honolulu Star newspaper from December 7, 1941. The front page reads “Oahu burned by Japanese Planes.”

Lloyd LaCuesta speaks at the second AAJA National Convention in San Francisco, Apr. 5-8, 1989. (Photo/Paul Sakuma) 

Stanford Chen chats with Dinah Eng and Michelle Konn

Suzanne Joe Kai, the first Asian American female TV news reporter/host in San Francisco & Arizona, with radio group at Mills College 

AAJA members play Trivia Bowl, with Bill Sing displayed on screen.

Suzanne Joe Kai with Walter Cronkite and Kevin McCullough

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