(Top L to R) Judy Chu Lin rep. late husband Sam Chu Lin, Jack Ong, Felicia Lowe, Stewart Kwoh rep. late mother Beulah Quo, Don Nakanishi, Bruce Koon, Kyung Won Lee, Al Young, Curtiss Kim, Lloyd LaCuesta, Henry Moritsugu, David Kishiyama, Ti-Hua Chang rep. late father Jen-Chung Chang, H. Lorren Au, Jr. rep. late father Henry Lorren Au, Russell Leong rep. late father Charles Leong; (Middle L to R) Corky Lee, Christopher Chow, Tomi Kaizawa Knaefler, Paul Sakuma, Emil Guillermo, Linda Yu, Harry Honda, Sumi Sevilla Haru, Frank Kwan, Jan Yanehiro, Connie Chung, Ben Fong-Torres, Jon Funabiki; (Bottom L to R) Loan Do rep. late husband Yen Ngoc Do, Suzanne Joe Kai, Dorothy Ing Russell, Serena Chen, Rosy Chu, Gimmy Park Li, Bill Sing

The 2010 annual AAJA convention, hosted by AAJA Los Angeles in Hollywood, was an early 30th anniversary celebration. The event honored Asian and Asian American Founders Pioneers in U.S. journalism from 1925-1975 as a group and turned out to be the largest gathering of Asian American pioneers in U.S. journalism.

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