JCamp Interviews


Niala Boodhoo

By Dallas Watson, JCamp Class of 2021

“AAJA has helped me understand my identity and my lived experience and be comfortable.”

Kim Bui Barnett

Kim Bui Barnett

By Joanna Malvas, JCamp Class of 2021

“During this pivotal moment following George Floyd and Asian hate — I think it’s important to remember that it shouldn’t be just this moment. It’s time to move beyond the talking and take action.”


Bobby Caina Calvan

By Manav Singh and Sabir Aden, JCamp Class of 2021

“If our industry doesn't reflect our communities, they're not going to do a very good job covering those communities.”

Henry Fuhrmann

By Jenna Wang, JCamp Class of 2021

"The term ‘Asian Americans,’ it’s overly broad in some ways but it’s the breadth. There’s a strength and a solidarity.”

Sarah Goo

By Ian Lei, JCamp Class of 2021

“I wasn't sure at first when I joined AAJA how much I would have in common with other Asian American journalists. My family's story is different.Regardless, America sees us the same whether we do or not.”


Bo Hee Kim

By Ilia Morshed, JCamp Class of 2021

“AAJA as “a community of people who understood just the unique space that we were in when the media was and continues to be tumultuous.”


Angie Lau

By Jordan Pettiford, JCamp Class of 2021

“I felt a sense of camaraderie, a sense of collective experiences, and people who understood almost immediately what I was going through.”


Lloyd LaCuesta

By Maylee O’Brien, JCamp Class of 2021

“I always knew that AAJA was there for me.”


Michelle Ye Hee Lee

By Caroline Lobel, JCamp Class of 2021

“I just don't know where I would be without AAJA, as a person, as a journalist, as a friend, as a leader.”


Kris Vera-Phillips

By Molly Wetsch, JCamp Class of 2021

"It's through AAJA and through my professional experience, working at newsrooms up and down the state of California that's been also valuable to share with students. "

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