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The Asian American Journalists Association was formed 40 years ago by six journalism pioneers: Bill Sing, David Kishiyama, Nancy Yoshihara, Tritia Toyota, Dwight Chuman, and Frank Kwan. For our special 40th anniversary oral history project, we interviewed some members of the original six and many more key figures in AAJA’s history to capture our legacy. In these interviews, members discussed the struggles that they faced in their workplaces as the few or only Asian American journalists in their newsrooms, as well as the role that AAJA played for them in supporting and encouraging them through their careers. With this, we are proudly looking back and boldly moving forward towards what the next 40 years has in store.

In Memoriam Video

40 Years of AAJA

David Kishiyama

Jinah Kim

Bill Sing

Sewell Chan

Jeff Yang

Teresa Watanabe

Henry Fuhrmann

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