AAJA National Officer Elections

Every year, AAJA holds membership-wide elections for national officers. The elections are staggered to ensure continuity on the Board of Directors. In odd years, the positions eligible for elections are Senior Vice President, Vice President of Journalism Programs and Vice President of Communications. In even years, the positions eligible for elections are President, Vice President of Civic Engagement and Vice President of Finance.

The national officers are members of the AAJA Board of Directors. In addition to the six national officers, the Board of Directors is composed of five elected board members who are members of the AAJA Advisory Board: 2 board members representing small chapters (less than 50 full members) and/or medium chapters (50-99 full members), 1 board member representing a large chapter (100 or more full members), and 2 members elected at-large by and from the Advisory Board. These five members’ terms are also staggered to ensure continuity on the Board of Directors. 

AAJA’s elections will be rooted in the following core principles: dedication to AAJA’s mission, transparency, respect, empathy, open and constructive debate, and the pursuit of organizational and financial stability of AAJA as a nonprofit. 

AAJA 2023 National Election


Senior Vice President: Frank Bi

Vice President of Communications: Anika Varty

Vice President of Journalism Programs: Leezel Tanglao



Chapter Elections

Per the bylaws, the deadline to complete the AAJA chapter elections is Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023. Here is a suggested timeline for conducting chapter elections:

    • September  – Call for candidates
    • Monday, October 2 – Announce the candidates; put out reminders to join AAJA/renew membership
    • Monday, October 16 – Voting opens
    • Wednesday, November 1  – Deadline to close elections
    • Sunday, November 5 – Deadline to submit the full list of chapter officers (new and returning) to HQ